IO5: Online Guide for Using DESK Toolkit

This Output’s main objective will be to provide the guidelines necessary to lead the Adult Trainer through the selection of relevant content for the different type of Adult Education Learners, and the adaptation of their teaching methodology using Augmented Reality to intrigue them into catching up and gaining the skills made necessary by Modern Labor Market. Among others, it will explain why adult learners would need motivation to learn such skills, the possible difficulties to be encountered and barriers to overcome. This will be effectively a guide on how the Trainer can motivate his group to gain skills needed in the Labor Market. Thus, it will display to the reader how each article can be used and for whom it is more relevant, making the Learning activities attractive to the adults.

The Online Guide for using DESK Toolkit (IO5) complements the first four Intellectual Outputs developed within the DESK project and is an endeavor to provide useful material for trainers, learners, organizations, etc. in order to be able to use the DESK course.

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