IO4: DESK Tool Kit

The adult Digital Education Skills Kit will include a number of digital sources developed during this project, as well as an e-learning course focusing on an Adult Trainer’s needs in understanding the use of Augmented Reality in Adult Education and the ways to use it to enhance their teaching. This e-learning material will be free for all those interested in its uses, and will allow the user structured access to the e-Learning Content, the Case Studies, Augmented Reality resources. The course itself will integrate sections of how to motivate Adults to engage in Learning and catching up, introduction to Augmented Reality, introduction to the Framework for Digital Competence, general guidelines for creating AR content.
The website itself will be easy to use and free to access for all target groups.

The DESK lms is a Moodle platform created by DESK consortium partners. It is free and it is used to store and present the educational material created under the DESK project. It is aimed to all EU adult trainers and learners who wish to improve/enhance their digital skills.

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