Dissemination of the DESK project

Dissemination of the DESK project

In the framework of the implementation of the Erasmus+ Project entitled «AN ADULT DIGITAL EDUCATION SKILLS KIT TO FOSTER EMPLOYABILITY (DESK)» with code «2018-1-EL01-KA204-047819», staff of the E-SCHOOL Educational Group visited the 1st High School of Karditsa on Friday, November 22, 2019. Teachers/Trainers from three European countries participating in a LTTA were informed about the DESK project. The project aim and the results so far have been presented. A big part of the presentation was about the Augmented Reality technique and its benefits in the educational process. The attendees expressed their interest for this new technology and asked for more information on how to apply AR.

For one more time, the Erasmus+ European Program has brought teachers/trainers closer to innovative practices and motivated them to improve their teaching quality.

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